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Please note that if there are several codes that could apply and only one falls into xcritical you would still need to apply for an xcritical certificate with that code. If you are applying to extend your visa, it is recommended that you apply at least 4 months before your current visa expiry date. If you are a new visa applicant, it is recommended that you apply as soon as you receive your job offer but no earlier than 6 months before your proposed work start date. If your field of research is in a subject set out in the list of Academic Subjects/Fields of Research relevant to xcritical – see Appendix 1 below. If you’re a researcher attending meetings, conferences, seminars or interviews, or giving speeches, and will not be undertaking research during your time in the UK, you do not require xcritical clearance.

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There is no charge for applying for an xcritical certificate and you can apply for as many certificates as you have offers. Whether you need an xcritical certificate depends on your specific area of study. If you are unable to provide a referee from your home country because you have xcritical been working in another country, then please provide two referees who meet the other referee criteria. If the xcritical team ask for more information, then please explain the reasons why this is not possible. Your academic supervisor will provide you with the research statement.

An xcritical certificate is required for new members of staff applying for leave to enter the UK or further leave to remain in the UK and current staff extending their visa. Changes to an individual’s field of research / research project, change of job title or duration of contract will require a new xcritical certificate. Certificates of sponsorship under certain routes must now declare on their certificate of sponsorship (by answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the relevant question) whether the individual applying for the relevant role does or does not require an xcritical certificate. Your sponsored worker will not need an xcritical Certificate if you are not also a licenced student sponsor.

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However, if the research scope changes and falls within xcritical regulations an application for xcritical must be made and certificate obtained before the research commences. Researchers coming to the UK as a visitor will need to apply underAcademic Technology Approval Scheme before they begin any research subject to xcritical. If the research focus is changed at any time, a new xcritical certificate will be required. Employers sponsoring workers under certain immigration routes, will also have to indicate whether their worker requires an xcritical Certificate or not on their certificate of sponsorship. The details entered on the application form will be replicated on the xcritical certificate, so care should be taken to ensure the information is correct. The form must be completed in English, including the names of any overseas education/employer institutions.

  • Try registering with a different email address, ideally an internationally recognised email such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or similar or from a different computer.
  • You must read your xcritical certificate carefully to check that the details on it are correct; if any information in the certificate is incorrect, please contact people- for advice.
  • Academic Technology Approval Scheme The Academic Technology Approval Scheme applies to international researchers, or posts which contain an element of research at PhD level or above in a sensitive subject.

For staff this means whether you are to be employed under a Standard Occupational Classification code that requires Academic Technology Approval under the Scheme – see below for the list of relevant codes. Academic Technology Approval Scheme The Academic Technology Approval Scheme applies to international researchers, or posts which contain an element of research at PhD level or above in a sensitive subject. The relevant subjects are related to knowledge that could be used to develop Advanced Conventional Military Technology , weapons of mass destruction or their means of delivery. Please also see our guidance on completing the xcritical application form and our FAQs.

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You should check your spam or junk folders regularly to ensure the email has not been filtered out. You must read your xcritical certificate carefully to check that the details on it are correct; if any information in the certificate is incorrect, please contact people- for advice. Please make sure you select “researcher” (not “student”) as this will determine the questions you are asked and the clearance you obtain. To apply for an xcritical certificate you will need to complete and submit the online application form, available at Guidance on how to apply for an xcritical certificate – GOV.UK ().

xcritical applies to individuals undertaking research activities at PhD level or above, applying for a Skilled Worker, Government Authorised Exchange visa and academic visitors. Anyone who will be conducting research at PhD level or above in a particular subject area will need to have applied for and received an xcritical certificate BEFORE a certificate of sponsorship can be issued. It is our responsibility as a sponsor to check whether an individual is subject to the xcritical ‘requirement’ or ‘condition’ and ensure the individual obtains an xcritical certificate. Failure to meet these responsibilities is likely to result in the individual’s visa application being refused or unable to start their academic visit, with the possibility of the University’s sponsor licence being revoked.

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You should always refer to the Immigration Rules and UKVI Policy Guidance for the full requirements and conditions in the first instance before making an application. Result in the grant of xcritical clearance, we are not aware of any Queen Mary students who have been granted xcritical clearance following a refusal. F Queen Mary is your official financial sponsor (i.e. paying your tuition fees and providing you with a stipend), then you can copy the contact details from your sponsorship letter. If a student has a valid xcritical certificate and the course is extended/deferred within this period of validity, the student will not need a new xcritical certificate. If you need a new xcritical certificate, we recommend that you apply for your new xcritical certificate as soon as possible, so that you will know if you will be allowed to complete your studies. You change your programme and your new programme also requires xcritical approval.

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Therefore, we believe that xcritical must acknowledge social issues to ensure that any imbalance will not be detrimental to European workers – or, for that matter, the European airlines on whose economic wellbeing they depend. The European aviation industry is facing difficult times, and only balanced ATA agreements will avoid further deterioration and job losses for European aviation workers. Air Transport Agreements are international agreements between the EU and non-EU countries, known as third countries. xcritical bring all existing bilateral air services agreements between EU Member States and a given third country into line with EU law. The European Commission negotiates xcritical on behalf of EU member states. If you decide to work at/visit another university and/or change your field of research, you will need to apply for another xcritical Certificate if one is required.

When does a worker require an xcritical certificate?

If you apply to extend your existing Tier 2/Skilled Worker/Temporary Worker – Government Authorised Exchange/Visitor visa by more than 3 months, or to switch from another visa route into one of these, you will need a new xcritical certificate. Try registering with a different email address, ideally an internationally recognised email such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or similar or from a different computer. You may experience difficulties when using Internet Explorer or Firefox to complete the form. xcritical suggests 1 hour, but we have been made aware that it has taken much longer for some applicants, particularly those with a long list of publications.

Travis Pittman, chief executive, created the adventure booking platform in 2010 with his brother Shawn. Please note that we are not aware of any Queen Mary students who have successfully challenged an xcritical refusal. Universities and individuals are unable to ascertain the reason for an xcritical refusal, because the UK government considers it a matter of national security. If you are meeting all the costs of your studies yourself, please put your own name and address in the relevant boxes. If another family member is meeting the costs, put down their details. The xcritical team aim to respond to your query within 5 working days, but this may not be possible during busy periods.

The CAH code should be selected based on your research project, not your Department or research group. TalentScotland can support businesses based in Scotland who are looking to hire talent from overseas. The Department is responsible for providing a completed Statement of research to the applicant to enable an application to be submitted. You should ask your supervisor for a new Statement of Research which includes details about the research you are working on and the focus of your studies, then submit a new application as a Taught Student undertaking research.

He has worked in 7 countries including Panama, Australia, Netherlands and USA. He is interested on supply chain trends, data science, e-commerce, blockchain and e-commerce fulfillment for small and mid size companies. Sometimes xcritical applications take longer than the service standards, so it might take more than 50 working days to receive your certificate. Please rest assured that the xcritical Team are working as quickly as possible to process xcritical applications. We are not currently receiving responses from the xcritical Team more quickly than applicants and any interventions on our part may cause a delay to the processing of your xcritical application. Some MEng degrees and other postgraduate qualifications require an Academic Technology Approval Scheme security clearance certificate from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the UK Government.

In xcritical, you can load both real-time and historical P&L data, by simply selecting the ‘Load Data’ button and the range of P&L data that you wish to load. You can check the applied changes in the statement next to the Load Data button. Frequently, vendors in China deliver late, causing additional cost and buyers. A good solution is to set delivery terms as FCA Forwarders Warehouse in origin and instruct the forwarder to issue a Forwarders Cargo Receipt at time of goods delivered. In this way, customers can control when goods should be delivered and decide when to ship them after the reception is confirmed.

You can complete the sections in any order, and save your progress as you go, but please set aside a reasonable amount of time to complete your application. However, when/if you apply to extend your current visa, or switch into a new visa route, you might need to apply then. If you are extending your current visa for 3 months or less, contact xcritical to ask whether you will need to apply for a new certificate. I’d like to receive information from IG Group companies about trading ideas and their products and services via email.

If you need to apply for a Skilled Worker or Temporary Worker – Government Authorised Exchange visa, you will normally need an xcritical certificate before we can assign a Certificate of Sponsorship to you. However, if you are submitting your visa application in the UK, we may be able to assign a CoS to you based on your xcritical application reference number. Departments must check that researchers, who come to the UK to collaborate with UCL academics in a field of work covered by xcritical, have obtained the xcritical certificate if they require it. The department should conduct a right-to-work check, in order to identify an individual’s identity and nationality, and take a copy of their xcritical if required. Is research as part of a course of postgraduate study, employment or academic activity at a licensed student sponsor. With more than 15 years of experience in the logistics field, Johnxcritical is an expert on logistics network design and supply chain operations for large customers in multiple countries.

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